Why Golden Hour Wedding Photographs are Worth It

What is the one thing that makes or breaks wedding photos? It’s lighting!

Bad lighting will ruin your wedding photos—with dull and dark images that do nothing to encapsulate the day. It doesn’t do justice to you.

Good lighting will bring a beautiful element. It gives your photographer something to get creative with! It doesn’t matter how stunning you look as a bride or how gorgeous the scenery is, bad lighting will give you flat and lackluster photos.

Wedding photographers swear by use of natural lighting especially when shooting outside photography. In fact, many professionals take advantage of natural lighting during the Golden Hour!

What Is the Golden Hour of Photography?

‘Hour’ is figurative in this case. The golden hour of photography refers to the period that comes just after sunrise and before sunset. The length of this hour depends on location, time of the year it is, and weather conditions.

What happens during the golden hour? The light is softer and less harsh compared to other times when the sun is higher in the sky.

This time features a beautiful soft glow that photographers take advantage of when shooting.

Utilizing Golden Hour Photography for Your Wedding

Are you in the middle of planning your wedding day? Is it time to hire a wedding photographer? Think about how you want the photographs to turn out…

If you’re looking for soft, romantic and natural, then consider hiring a photographer who is comfortable capturing during the golden hour.

When is the best time to take advantage of this lighting? You can take group photos after the ceremony early in the day, or later in the night (indoors with artificial lighting).

That leaves the couple portraits—the best part and something that you will cherish for years down the line. You want to get this right.

  • Schedule your time in advance. The ceremony, couple’s photographs, entourage photography, the reception. Leave about 20 minutes of leeway, in case you’re running late.


  • Coordinate with your photographer. Keep your photographer in the loop. Remember they are your go-to people for time management during the photography session.


  • Anticipate delays. It’s D-day. Expect things to not go as planned. But remember you have a small window to capitalize on the Golden hours here. Prioritize. If you’re running late, remember, your guests might be a little peeved at you for entering half an hour late. But if you don’t get those wedding photography shots, you’re going to regret it all your life.


Capturing Last Rays of Sunlight – How to Calculate the Magical Hour

The golden hour comes twice in a day, a little after sunrise and before sunset. The best way to incorporate this hour in your wedding photos is to arrange the shoot before sunset. But how can you take advantage with such a short window to prepare for the shoot?

Calculate the exact golden hour with this golden hour calculator. An easier way is to use an online sunrise and sunset calculator which will find your local sunrise and sunset times.

The second golden hour of the day usually begins around an hour before and just finishes after sunset. Make sure you aren’t rushed or forget about this magic hour by letting your wedding photographer know in advance about this requirement.

Lily Hayes has worked with many couples in different locations, seasons and time of day. Talk to her regarding your wedding photography Dallas before handing the reins to this dedicated professional!


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Wedding photography is a crucial part of your big day, capturing the amazing memories you’ll cherish for years to come. In Dallas, TX, there’s no shortage of talented photographers to choose from. When it comes to wedding photography, it’s important to find a photographer who truly understands your vision and can capture your story in a way that is both artful and authentic.

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