Wedding Unplugged—How to Enjoy a Gadget-Free Wedding

The bride walks down the aisle, surrounded by her family and friends, bathed in the incandescent glow of the afternoon sun. Her groom, visibly misty-eyed, watches avidly, waiting for the love of his life to join him. The music is perfectly timed with each step. The purity of this moment is almost holy.


And suddenly, out of nowhere, a cellphone starts ringing. On the other side, Uncle Bob “inconspicuously” gets up and takes a picture with a bright and loud flash, startling the bride out of her heady reverie. The photographer grits their teeth as the perfect shot is ruined.

Infuriating isn’t it, but also so common! But you’re a smart cookie, so you know you have to take preemptive measures to ensure that the same doesn’t happen at your wedding. But how do you ensure a gadget-free wedding?

As a professional Dallas wedding photographer who has had experience with electronic interruptions, I have a few pearls of wisdom!

– Mention it Clearly in Your Wedding Invite

Give your guests early notice. Put out an early warning so people know to come sans cameras and iPads. Add an additional detail that if your guests absolutely need these devices, they’ll need to keep them silent, and not take them out during the ceremony.


– Put it in Your Wedding Program

There’s no such thing as too much precaution! Add a highlighted paragraph to your wedding program so your guests know what to do.

Place it in the beginning and add a little something about being in the moment, so they know why you want them to be phone-free.

Hey, people need a reason if they’re going to be forced to do something!

– Be Specific

Go into detail on exactly how gadget-free you want your wedding to be, and when guests should put away their phones and cameras.

Do you just want the ceremony to be tech-free? Is there any restriction on posting on social media? Are guests allowed to take their cameras out during the reception?

Give your guests a list of rules so they know what to do!

– Add Signage

You’ll find plenty of chalkboards, signage, and custom stationery online. Use it as a reminder so your guests know to put their phones on airplane mode.

– Ask a Friend, Family Member or the Officiant to Make the Announcement

Have an authority figure (your mom can help in a pinch) announce that guests will need to put away their technology before the ceremony starts. They’ll be more likely to listen to this subtle request if asked nicely but firmly.

– Share the Professional Photos

Of course, your family and friends mean no harm when they use gadgets. They simply want a memento of the special moment. So assure them that they’ll have professionally taken photos of the happy day, and ask your professional wedding photographer for early shots so you can put it online for others to see.


Ready to Get to Work?

As you see, it’s not that difficult to arrange a gadget-free wedding! Just follow the rules I’ve listed above, and talk to your friendly-neighborhood professional wedding photographer in Dallas if you need advice on making your wedding photos more beautiful, aka tech-free. I’d be happy to help!


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